The Northern Powerhouse
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HM Treasury

The Northern Powerhouse was a key economic proposal of the previous coalition government and continued to be a key focus of the David Cameron led conservative government. The plans to build a Northern Powerhouse remain an important government priority. The new Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy recently undertook his first official visit to the North since his appointment. 

Key achievements for the Northern Powerhouse to date include:

  • five historic devolution deals have been agreed across the Northern Powerhouse – in Sheffield, Greater Manchester, North-East, Tees Valley and Liverpool
  • 55% of the population of the Northern Powerhouse will vote for an elected Mayor next year, giving each area a powerful new voice in national life
  • major investment in transport has been committed including a new rail franchise on the Northern network delivering 2,000 extra services each week, £200 million for Transport for the North and a £60 million package for exploring work on HS3
  • attracting foreign investment – there has been 127% growth in the number of foreign direct investment projects in the Northern Powerhouse over the last two years with the North-West outperforming every other region in the UK
  • the employment rate in the Northern Powerhouse is close to a record high, and since June 2014 unemployment has fallen faster in the North than in the South

Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy said:

'Building the Northern Powerhouse is a long-term government priority and central to our plans to rebalance the economy. As a proud Northerner, I am determined to ensure that people in every part of the North – from large cities to small rural communities – enjoy greater control over their lives and stronger, more sustainable economic growth.'